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Here’s 3 ways we can address climate change, says David Parry-Davies

in 1999, David Parry-Davies hung up his suit and tie in corporate London and returned to South Africa to pursue his true calling: Environmental Conservation.

While on our Intersections of Change virtual stage to tackle the question: “The Climate is Changing. Why Aren’t We?”, David provided 3 ways we can all address the climate crisis.

A guide to investing in positive change, with Khanyi Chaba

Khanyi Chaba climbs mountains, champions ethical leadership and heads up sustainable development at one of Africa’s largest insurance companies (Old Mutual Limited).
She took to the TEDxJohannesburgSalon stage with, ‘Tackling climate change is like climbing a mountain’ wherein she compares how the same approach to reaching mountain peaks is the one needed to tackle climate change.
She joined Conversation 6 of our Intersections of Change digital series to tackle the question: “The Climate is Changing. Why Aren’t We?”