TEDxCapeTown 2018

17 NovemberAVENUE, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

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#HumansBehindTEDxCT Wyomia Mouwers

Here follows a small introduction to the force of nature that is Wyomia Mouwers. Wyomia joined the TEDxCapeTown team in 2015 after attending a recruitment drive and she hasn’t looked back since.

As per usual, the first question on our lips is what exactly drew Wyomia to TEDx and what she loves about working with the TEDxCapeTown team. “I enjoy interacting with like-minded people who want to make a positive contribution in society”, she answered. Furthermore, she boasts about how TEDx enables her to explore and develop skills in a safe environment of encouraging individuals.

TEDxCapeTown at FUSE - We are Africa’s Un-Conference 2018

TEDxCapeTown’s Community Engagement team, partnered with the FUSE event team, to host an activation on the first day of the week long event, highlighting the theme of encouraging the creation of more than ONE story about Africa.

The FUSE - We Are Africa’s Un-Conference 2018 theme was, ‘We Are Not One Story. We Are Africa,’ which was inspired by Wanuri Khiu’s 2017 TED Talk, 'Fun, Fierce, Fantastical African Art'.

Read more about the 4 amazing TED/ TEDx talks we screened on the day.

#TEDxCapeTownSalon Speaker: Kerry Sink

Dr. Kerry Sink is the Marine Programme Manager and Principal Scientist at the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI). She loves what she does, which entails exploring the ocean and mapping all the habitat types in South Africa’s oceans, assessing the state of marine biodiversity, supporting the establishment of Marine Protected Areas, and training a new generation of marine scientists with a passion for sustainable oceans.